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Hi! I'm Lotte - I'm 16 and I'm from Sydney. I started this blog so I could share some writing pieces, photos, fashion looks, opinions and ideas with an audience.

I'm a passionate theatre actor, and am always looking for a new production to work on because rehearsing and researching a play is one of my favourite things to be involved in. My favourite works to perform are Shakespeare, and I actually wrote and performed a TEDx talk about my love for it and it's importance to young people very recently. I love modern plays as well and love to see young people being involved with the arts. Film and screen are also fantastic. Love all that.

I'm trying this year to write more - whether that be scripts, diary entries, short stories, poems or even analytical pieces. It's a skill I really want to hone in and be good at, so a lot of what I'm working on may appear on this blog. I'd love to create a comedy series or even write a play one day, so I've gotta get lots of practice in.

I also create a lot of my own artworks, mainly collages and sketches, which I might upload here as well as on my tumblr. I try to see as much art as I can, and one of my favourite artists Yayoi Kusama has really prompted my love for contemporary artists!

I love singing - particularly jazz, and am working on performing more often in more intimate environments which are my favourite. I love listening to old jazz classics, as well as all the usual genres (with some EDM thrown in now and then).  I really love fashion, styling and makeup as well - and am working on experimenting with outfits and makeup looks for a bit of self expression.

I'm a huge advocator for young people and their ideas. Seeing lots of young people creating their own work (art, zines, music, clothes, speeches) is just fantastic, and I think their ideas should be broadcasted loader and to a wider audience.

Sorry if I sound like an arrogant prick on this page - just wanted to tell you a bit about me. If you would like to contact me you can email on lotteforeverblog@gmail.com!

Lotte :)

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